Cost of employments in groups, and also system of extra charge of bonuses.

Schedule of the groups in Degtyarevskaya 8A street, (metro Statiton "Lukianivska")

Jazz-modern, Contemporary jazz (modern jazz), Contemporary dance, Broadway, DancEnglish and modern choreography for children.

If you can’t help improving your skills, we may offer individual lessons in different dance styles with the specialists of our school.
Number of students in a group is 1-2 persons.
Time: 12:00 -15:00 and 21:00-22:30 

1.      How to get a perfect stretching?

There are some basic rules:

To achieve the best results you have to work hard, apart from mere training at our school! We do not mean just a lot, but the work should be of a good quality! That's why there are some recommendations how to get noticeable results and avoid injuries!

Simple rules will help you to study comfortably in our school.