Dance teacher Irina Plotnikova

Plotnikova Irina Vladimirovna

Choreographer, trainer, teacher, dancer

Laureate of the international and Ukrainian contests, leading contemporary dance trainer in TDS


Irina started studying choreography when she was 5 years old in the exemplary ensemble “Ukraina” under supervision N.P.Kolomiec, where she was a soloist dancer.

Graduated from KNUCaA, Barchelor’s degree

She passed Shyshkaryova’s individual courses on raising the level of the professional skills on the methodology of teaching modern jazz and contemporary dance.

Attended a lot of master-classes of the Ukrainian and foreign trainers.


Worked with the famous artists of the Ukrainian and Russian variety.

Took part the famous D&B music fest Pirate Station Network 2010, 2012 (ballet artist, performer).

2011 – dancer at famous show "Superdisco 90’s".

2012 – one of the leading roles in contemporary performances "Tetra", "The Door".

Experienced in participating in large-scale dance performances: Pirate Station, Superdisco 90’s , Gentleman’s suite

Instructor says:

Irina is a very attentive and severe teacher. She is full of energy, keeps work atmosphere at her lessons and has her own style of teaching and training. She gives highly technical and smart lessons!