Dance teacher Svetlana Kolesova

Kolesova Svetlana Sergeevna

Choreographer, trainer, teacher, dancer

Laureate of the international and Ukrainian contests, leading jazz modern trainer, curator of children groups


Svetlana started studying choreography when she was 6 years old in the exemplary choreographic ensemble “Raduga” (Pavlograd), where she was a soloist dancer.

In 2009 she graduated from Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, Master’s degree of choreography.

Since 2005 she has been visiting master classes in different schools both Ukrainian and foreign choreographers: Zmeek, Shyshkaryova, Dmytryk, Tomilchenko, Krotova, Turkmenbaeva, Ovchinnikov, Mova, Kostevich, Zubchevskii, Busko, Ton Greten, Anna Ozerskaya, Radu Poklitaru, ivan Belozercev, Francesco Scavetta, Frey Faust, Paskalina Noel, Geraldina Armrstrong.

Dance experience and performance participations:

2006 – show-ballet «Shakes», choreographer Konstantin Tomilchenko.

2008 - «4U Art Ballet».

2009 – show-ballet «Karaman Art ».

Took a part in the famous D&B music fest Pirate Station Network 2010, 2012 (ballet artist, performer)

2011 – dancer at the fabulous show "Superdisco 90’s"

2012 – one of the leading roles in K.Shyshkaryova’s contemporary performance "Tetra"

She started pedagogical activity at the beginning of 2008, trained choreography at the dance school “Veselka”, in the dance school of Natalia Mogilevska “Talent”.

Currently she is a teacher and choreographer in “Nathnennya” and dance studio «D-Flash», also a trainer of contemporary dance at “My way dance center”.

spring 2009 – one of the best students in Totem dance School

Passed Shyshkaryova’s individual courses on raising the level of the professional skills on the methodology of teaching modern jazz.

2010 - modern jazz dance trainer at Totem dance school

2011- gives master-classes all over Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Kerch)

Instructor says:

Tiny, cute, amazingly intelligent girl! Clever, wise and the most patient person among us. She has some unbelievable inner power. She is the only person who is trusted to lead a modern jazz group if I am not there, only she can cope with the most difficult pedagogical tasks.

She is definitely my right hand!