The memory of what we did remains closed to us,

but the feeling of pain experienced by us is

embodied in the voice of conscience.


"The DOOR"

Choreography and libretto

Shyshkarova Kristina



She: Abasheva Olga

He: Kaynar Yaroslav

Child: Kolesova Svetlana

Doctor: Plotnicova Irene

Husband: Fortunenco Vladimir

Харон: Zubchevskiy Andrew


New dancing theatrical of TDG - The Door is an esoteric story about the other-worldly world there were protagonists of theatrical in that. Coming them to untie a difficult karma knot, to have the opportunity to enter a door and find Rest.



At the threshold of Paradise an unborn child has met its mother - being tormented by a consciously chosen oblivion - to ask her an important question: Why didn't she let it come into the world? Everyone who contributed to and tolerated this sin has turned out to be involved in this intricate monologue. And nobody can leave a space between the worlds unless the characters undo this knot and the mother receives forgiveness. Charon as the carrier, the keeper and the fate is constantly watching the developments and pushes the characters in the right direction for the denouement.


From Author

"Doing this theatrical, I fully gave up compromises with the conscience and fear to be scarified. Raising does not give birth from me, she flows a colourful stream, she already lives by the life! My staggering dancers will get complete possibility to be opened technically and emotionally. It is exact very unusual for me creation and, not looking on all his dramatic effect - very and very favourite"!

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