III International Festival of Contemporary Dance Small forms


How to participate?

1st Step

Read the rules of the festival.

Fill in and send us the application form, signing it in means that you accept all the conditions and policies of the competition.

2nd Step

After having received the reply to your application, you have to pay 100% entrance fee, the account will be enclosed in the reply letter.

3d Step

Arrive at Kyiv to participate in festival day.

4th Step

Enjoy and have fun dancing, attending master-classes, and communication. Take your prize and live happily ever after.


Totem dance group policies

1.      Founders and contest organisers

-          Top management of the Totem dance group festival programs

-          Technical parameters of the dance floor:

-          Mirror and Stage, 7m wide, 9m deep,

-          Stage decorations – Black room,

-          Backstage-not present

-          Floor surface-professional black ballet linoleum 

-          Light Capabilities – a small circle in the center of a stage, a big circle in the center, black light, soft light

-          Perspective – possible

2.      Aim and objectives.

-          Professional development of contemporary dance artists in the directions of contemporary dance and modern jazz.

-          Building a common cultural space among the performers and modern dance choreographers in Ukraine and CIS countries, breeding the scenic and audiovisual culture and ethics.

-          Unifying the participants to exchange information and experiences, as well as establishment of friendly relations between them.

-          Identification of talented performers, teachers and choreographers.

-          Development of creative individualities and showing up the inner potential of each artist.

3.      Age groups

-          Junior – 12-15 years old

-          Middle – 16-25 years old

-          Senior – 26-30 years old

4.      Competition Categories

-          Solo (1 participant)

-          Duet (2 participants)

-          Trio (3 participants)

-          Quartette (4 participants)

-          Improvisation (1 artist dancing under music selected by draw procedure)

-          Experiment (individual task from members of a jury)

5.      Basic requirement to the participants

-          1 performance in every category

-          Duration of a performance:

1,5 min for Solo, 2-4 min- duets, trio and quartettes

-          Audio recording should be send by email together with the application form or be present on a flash-drive in a MP3, MWA or MP4 formats.

-          All audio files will be signed in the following way: Category_Age_Surname_Name_ performance_title

-          All the participants should go through sound check before the performance, in less than half an hour before opening the festival.

6.      Procedures and deadlines

-          Festival will be held at Les Kurbas Theater, in Kiev Vladimirskaya, 23

-          Competition program takes place on November 16 (Sunday) at 14:00

-          Rehearsal time on stage is from 12:00 to 13:45

To attend the contest you have to apply before the 1st of November 2014, by e-mail:


Policies              Application form



Assessment criteria:


-          Dance composition.

-          Artistry and matching the stated character.

-          The level of artistry.

-          Compliance of the musical material to choreography.

-          The level of originality (expressive means).

-          Calculation of the points is made by setting a maximum of five points on each criterion by every member of the jury.

-          The jury has the right not to award I, II and III, or place for the Grand Prix due to lack of gained points.

-          The jury has the right to share the places between the two participants.

-          The jury's decision is not appealable. A Roundtable among all the participants, organization members and members of the jury will be held after the contest.


7.      Prizes and Winners awards.

It’s carried out after the competition and before round table.

According to the results of the competition the jury determines:

-           Laureate and competition winners of I, II and III levels receive honorary diplomas and special prizes from the organizing committee: scholarships for free tuition and souvenirs.

-          Diplomas to all the participating in the competition;

-          Grand Prix - 150 EUR + free participation in one of the educational projects to choose from (one participant or a group will be awarded to)

-          Special prizes from the jury.

-          Special Prize from Totem for the best choreography-50 EUR.

8.      Jury.

Consists of skilled masters in the field of contemporary choreographic art.

Members of a Jury 2014:

Sergey Bondur

Сhairman of judges
Ludmila Mova
Ruslan Baranov (Santakh)
Valery Suzdal

The decision of the jury is not appealable.


9.      The festival program

Registration from 08:00 to 13:00

9:00 Master Class Hall CONTEMPORARY Technique 1

10:30 Master Class Partnering Hall 1

12:00 Master Class IMPROVISATION Hall 1

9:00-13:30 Rehearsal on stage.

14:00 Start of the competition

-          soloists

-          duets

-          trio

-          quartets

-          Experiment 1-stage

-          improvisation

-          Final experiment performance


19:00 rewarding participants and winners.

20:00-21:00 Round Table, Hall 1


10.   Financial Policies.


Master classes costs:

For participants of the festival:

Class 1 -70 UAH

For non-participants of the festival:

Class 1 -100 UAH

For the first 30 registered participants of solo category, 1 master-class to choose from for free.

Entrance for spectators at Festival 50 UAH (40 Ticket available)

Donation for participation in the festival:

All donations are considered to be charitable and then are spent to cover the costs of organizing the festival.


The registration fee for participation is made for each nomination:

- EUR 10 for soloists.

- EUR 15 for duets (for both participants) as a single nomination, 10 EUR as an additional nomination.

- EUR 20 for trios and quartets (for all performance participants), EUR 15 as an additional nomination.

- 7 EUR-improvisation as the single nomination, 5 EUR as an additional nomination.

- 10 EUR "experiment" (for each participant) as the single nomination, 5 EUR-nomination as an additional.


It’s allowed to participate in an unlimited number of nominations.

Advance payment for the participation in the competition is 100% in UAH Exchange


National Bank of Ukraine at the moment. In case of refusal to participate in the contest before November 1, the payment will not be returned.


Partners of festival