About us

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Totem Dance group includes dance group, modern dance school, and festival program management team. Our dance group (TDG) consists of highly professional dancers, who are leaded by the creative director Kristina Shyshkaryova. In addition, the basis of Totem Dance group’s staff comprises eight dancers; each of them is an independent creative unit, choreographer and teacher.

Moreover, we always invite independent professionals in the spheres of dramatic art, dance art, cinema and circus art to organize mutual projects.




  • Pirate station 2010, 2012, 2013
  • SuperDisco 90’s in 2012
  • National award in the real estate property sphere
  • Con tutti instrumenti, Radu Poklitaru
  • ‘Gentleman’s Suite’ TV-show at channel 1+1
  • More than 40 winnings at the international and Ukrainian contests
  • Second degree prize-winner at the prestigious international contest IFMС
  • Two contemporary ballets "Tetra" and "The Door" are in the group repertoire, which are performed in Kyiv Municipal Academic Opera and ballet Theatre for Children and Youth (KMAOBT).
  • Totem Dance Fests Program Management helps to organize and organizes performances, modern dance parties, conferences, round-table meetings, and lectures at different dance grounds of Ukraine.
  • K. Shyshkaryova Modern Choreography evening meetings (KMAOBT)
  • Dance convention in Enjoy (Lugansk)
  • Totem Dance Solo Festival of solo dance, duet dance and small dance forms.

Besides that, more than 30 choreographic miniatures become a part of the performances of different Ukrainian and foreign choreographers.

Totem Dance school (TDS) was created in 2010 in Kyiv.  It consists of two branches and specializes strictly on the modern dance and closely related to it disciplines.   

Teachers of our school stick to the European and author's methodologies, they have clear and precise structure of trainings, and every group has its own training program.

There are near 80 students visiting our school, most of them are students of specialized educational institutions.

Four times in a year we organize intensive master classes for dancers, choreographers and trainers, which attend students from all over CIS places. Totem dance group collaborates with a huge amount of world-wide known professional trainers and pedagogues.

Students of our school frequently participate and take prize-winning places at various fests and contests.

The First Ukrainian Professional Contemporary Dance Training Program starts in September 2013.

Totem dance PRO is intended for 9 months of training and the capacity is 15 persons who should acquire for attendance in advance.